Getting and Keeping Doulas in the Delivery Room

Doulas in the Time of COVID and Beyond

Are you a frustrated doula blocked from supporting your clients in local hospitals? Do changing hospital policies during the COVID-19 pandemic have you stressed? In this webinar, you will learn proven strategies to help you get back inside hospitals and stay there. This course will teach you the supporting evidence you need and with whom you should be having this discussion. We will identify different types of hospital doula policies currently in use around the country, and which ones are the most supportive of best practices. Steering the push for change is especially important right now, and this course will help you create a strategic outline for action that will have the added bonus of helping grow your doula business in the process. You know doulas are essential, and this webinar will help you get back in the delivery room to keep supporting your clients in-person. Earn 1 Contact Hour from DONA International

This course is for any doula who is struggling to keep up with the numerous hospital policies around who can and can't be in the delivery room. We will address proactive and reactive strategies to help you focus on your clients in their labor and birth and not have to worry about whether or not you can attend the birth.

This course is taught by Hillary Melchiors and Robin Elise Weiss, two long-time and well-respected doulas who often work with hospitals and their policies. While we can't promise you'll get the outcome you want, you'll know the steps to take, who to contact, and the chances that will give you the most likely best outcome for your doula clients.

Your Instructor

Hillary Melchiors, Ph.D., MPH, LCCE, CD(DONA)
Hillary Melchiors, Ph.D., MPH, LCCE, CD(DONA)

Medical anthropologist, birth doula, childbirth educator, writer, knitter, mother, wife, & spreader of kindness

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